Ease Education Limited (EEL) is partnering with the Indonesian Muslim Association of Hong Kong (IMAH) to implement their Child Development Project in the areas of Tsuen Wan, Kwai Chung and Tsing Yi areas, from May 2022- to April 2025 . For more information on the program pls refer to the link on the what is the Child Development Fund Project:
ILM HK will assist in the delivery of the program components.
Currently the project is in the recruitment phase in 3 main areas, child participation recruitment, mentor recruitment and seeking matching donations.
CDF Project Highlights
EMBRACE Diversity for a Thriving Future for All in Hong Kong through Love of Learning
For participating children:
1.   Personal and career Development Program
2.   Study skills workshop
3.   Interpersonal Relationships workshops
4.   Financial Literacy workshops
5.   Problem based Learning through a Design Thinking Program(Group projects will be given seed funding for project execution on social entrepreneurship)
For mentors:
1.   Understanding CDF program and mentor roles
2.   Interpersonal Relationships workshops
3.   Introducing my profession and other career related sharing
For parents:
1. Financial Literacy workshops
2. Interpersonal Relationships workshops
3. Supporting Life planning and financial management of their children